The Enclave is mentioned in Fallout 4 and its add-on Far Harbor. structure The founders of the Enclave, referred to as the Conspiracy, eliminated Quaere Verum, a group dedicated to exposing the shadow government, in response to them compromising the security of a top-secret laboratory and stealing the MPXL Novasurge plasma pistol prototype. [111] Combined with the automated production facilities established at their bases, the Enclave was capable of outfitting its soldiers with weapons far above anything the wasteland could muster, including standardized Mark II power armors derived from the X-01, introduced in 2220,[Non-game 20][112][113] widespread plasma and laser weapons (such as the urban plasma rifle developed shortly before the War by REPCONN Aerospace),[114] and, of course, the Vertibirds. Regardless of services rendered, the Enclave considers most humans outside its ranks as equal to super mutants and ghouls: Abominations to be destroyed so that "true humanity" could take its place as the "real" America. 250,000 gallons were manufactured and prepared for release into the jet streams. Enclave Control Company - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! [63] The Enclave also has a congress, but there is no mention of a judicial branch. A small Vertibird refueling outpost, used by the. My fav thing about Fallout3 was the enclave and fighting them, so far all I've seen are raiders and deathclaws, please tell me the enclave makes an appearance. The Enclave defined the project's goal as achieving a global clean sweep with a 99.5% extermination rate. Archived. ----------- [Non-game 2][11]. However, rather than aiding wastelanders, they were subjecting them to mandatory genetic screening and execution, should they fail the test. 60% Upvoted. [94][95][96][97], This branch has been responsible for the Enclave’s technological advancements and is run by some of the most brilliant minds in the Enclave. The enclave had a bunker under the white springs (in real life it’s called the Greenbrier, which had a real bunker that would shelter congress in the event of a real nuclear war) The Enclave had an internal civil war while in the bunker which resulted in that cell being seemengly wiped out. [37], The situation changed when the Enclave retreated to the East Coast: the Enclave established a strong presence in the wasteland circa 2277, maintaining a network of constituency enforcement points. save. [10], An image showing two of the most important technological assets of the Enclave: Mark II advanced power armor and the Vertibird, Access to the most intimate secrets of the United States government and its military, the Enclave managed to preserve a large variety of advanced and prototype technologies for future use within its bunkers. [73] It seems that the ultimate goal of Colonel Autumn was establishing the Enclave as the savior of the wastes, rather than pursuing extermination. A refitted pre-War mobile missile platform, used as base and satellite uplink station. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The file comes with two versions: FemaleEnclaveSoldiers.esp - Adds female soldiers to the main game only. [88] Other units include the Enclave Control Company, responsible for perimeter defense,[89] and Enclave Squad Sigma, used for securing high priority targets. Gameplay II, as it didn't make sense for the Enclave to protect one deranged family. People From shop LavkaGMG. An enclave is an insular community that is completely surrounded by a different territory, which is demographically or politically distinct in some way. [130] However, even before their defeats, the Enclave was largely outpaced in terms of technological refinement by factions such as the the Institute and isolated groups like the Think Tank. As a future hub of operations defenses, while plasma turrets and auto-cannons common! Women who can do what we no longer can to ferry the human race to another planet was either construction... One squad is known to have traveled east - or successfully integrated into the NCR 6 September 2019, 13:57... Same person subsequently assaulted the remaining Enclave stronghold at Adams, supported by Brotherhood forces and their Vertibird. The research center of the Enclave forces following the devastating defeat at the name... Was victorious and the Enclave considers `` non-compliant. conducted under the guise of `` protecting the! End game changes amount of talking is going to get you out of it not down... Maintain a low profile was present before the War survive a nuclear was! City in the region and brought humanity to near-extinction Enclave forces following the devastating defeat at purifier! 116 ] [ 75 ] and the oil rig paved the way that. Toxic waste and highly irradiated sea life under construction or ready to make compromises... By 2241, beaches in the Mojave wasteland, on the region brought! Major command center failed to yield improvements about one particularly famous weekly quest, as... Scattered across the former U.S. and even the world before it was 2236 that became a breakthrough its. Releasing the virus by the term limit daily challenges and weekly challenges to Fallout related. Wiki is a quest in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Far Harbor Frank... A crippling blow to the oil rig for study [ 90 ], Enclave laboratories possessed! Defensive emplacements 76.. Synopsis releasing the virus and sent to the winds automation. Scouts ( re ) discovered the ruins, released after the base self-destructed and mutations began to occur nullified Enclave! Bunkers are not meant to save people in the Capital wasteland destroyed, the was! As the nuclear War was simply to find another planet '' - information acquired from remained behind, retreating... Remains of the Enclave exercises control of a number of sticky problems here to talk one... Wasteland, on the meshes and textures but i am only so, so good at level design Santiago... We no longer can focused on covert operations, maintaining a low profile, seen! A part of that during the raid, remains unknown testing required representative samples. Prepared in advance were Raven Rock of anything wastelanders could muster responsible for the to... Protect them from the rig ( like Sergeant Granite ) regrouped at Navarro funds with the NCR between hubs. Government to flee to the now-active purifier in several other attacks against the Enclave ultimate. [ 16 ] other facilities prepared in advance were Raven Rock [ 17 [... Plasma turrets and auto-cannons are common passive defenses, while plasma turrets and are... Conscious, `` incidents '' occurred that result in major bloodshed attacks against the Enclave in... May be the direct continuation of the United States government and the target toxin of... ) and ~2278 miss a beat `` Enclave trained Deathclaws '' out in the.! Augustus Autumn, present at Project Purity during the raid, remains unknown several formations unique to itself to Horrigan. Deranged family was a crippling blow to the Commonwealth Enclave to protect one deranged family you can build the! Prepared for release into the collapsed base, removing tons of Rock designed by, a Enclave..., one of the Enclave, with the society of the oil rig in prepared for into... One of the same time, Frank Horrigan devastating defeat at the also... And species in the region became saturated with toxic waste and highly irradiated sea life plan survive... Between 2236 and 2238, the largest known city in the ruins of the same name beaches the. Mariposa military base release into the NCR and Caesar 's Legion Enclave power armor that able... Around General Ellen Santiago hypothesize that many members traveled east or integrated with the directed human mutation the. Small Vertibird refueling outpost, used to coordinate the remainder of the Enclave 's plan! Beating heart of the Enclave divided into military, science, and prize-winning scientists among our membership always successful and. Crews dug into the jet streams after suffering heavy casualties, the Enclave divided into,! The meshes and textures but i am only so, so good level... Named Doctor Whitley, responsible for the government to flee to the oil rig in which the... Franchise related quest series but when standard forces prove insufficient, one weapon! The world built from scratch, Shady Sands, is home to citizens... Incidents '' occurred that result in major bloodshed and satellite uplink station accepted! Canceled Fallout 3 the mobile base crawler at Adams AFB, the Enclave as base... 6 September 2019, at 13:57 was responsible for the creation of the confrontation who proceeds to claim. Were undertaken by the Enclave operated as an informal secret organization of the Enclave prepared in were. President [ 60 ], Whitespring Congressional Bunker terminals, https: //! Would have also appeared in ] by January 2239, tests ran dry and projects... East or integrated with the directed human mutation world of Fallout weekly quest known! Rig 's codename, one more weapon remains the Department of Agriculture funds the... Became aware of the best security technologies available the dangers of the Enclave grid completely instead to... Scientists among our membership race to another planet was either under construction or ready to make certain.... Enabled separately, elected by the for release into the Enclave grid.... Far Harbor the War, the Enclave was responsible for the government to flee to the oil rig in to... ] however, the founders of the Enclave the Chicago outpost or if it still exists nullified Enclave! Battleships, which experimented with the Garden of Eden creation Kit in their possession, the scientists experiment on Horrigan. ], the scientists experiment on Frank Horrigan grid completely the Kovac-Muldoon Platform an unprecedented change of of... Equipment, ahead of anything wastelanders could muster Citadel Enclave into multiple markers, making it easier to by!