Black schnauzers are born with solid black hair. The eyes are typically a hazel to green color. PICTURES SHOWN BELOW ARE EXAMPLES OF MANY AKC MINIATURE SCHNAUZER COLORS THAT ARE REGISTERABLE (and many are currently available). Note: If paying online, please add … These baby girls will be getting their eyes open a, Tcup liver and tan parti male. Microchipped. These “rare colors”  include: Chocolate (Liver), Chocolate Parti (Liver Parti), Liver and Tan, Black and Tan, Beige, Red, Liver Pepper, White Chocolate, Black Parti, Salt and Pepper Parti, Liver and Tan Parti, Wheaten, Wheaten Parti, and Black and Silver Parti. Red is the rarest color in the world for a miniature schnauzer. When stripped for the show ring, the body hair is banded in various shades of black, white, gray. The U.S. Miniature Schnauzer Breed Standard recognizes three colors: salt & pepper, black & silver, and solid black. All are eligible for registration with the AKC but are not allowed to be shown in conformation. Odds Of Puppy Surviving Parvo Tumours in this area account for approximately 1% of canine neoplasms and are seen in the older … But, in Germany where the breed originated white is included in the breed standard. Salt and Pepper and Black and Silver are bi-color patterns. Toy, Teacups, & Mini's. The Solid Black Miniature Schnauzer is a small Giant. Elegant Black with Silver is more excitable and decorative, often has a soft character and hair.. Black: Black is the only solid color allowed. This is genetic and some have it, but most do not. The markings of a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer follow the same pattern as the salt & pepper Schnauzer, except both the topcoat and undercoat are solid black. Schnauzer Colors. All 4 Miniature Schnauzer colors salt & pepper, black, black & silver, and white can be registered with all the major registries. The darkest salt and peppers are called “Dark Salt and Pepper”. Home About Our Dogs For Sale Gallery Info & Articles Blog Contact Schnauzer Coat Colors. White chocol, Having their babies tonight. They are not albino, nor is it a defective gene. I have been a Miniature Schnauzer owner for 40 years and have never seen better bred Miniature Schnauzer's. We attempt to meet the breed standard set by the AKC in color, height, weight and temperament. These three colors are referred as the only colors recognized. They are born black, they are black as juveniles, and they should remain black. In the Salt and Pepper, the eyebrows, beard and legs will be light gray or silver white. FCI recognized colors for a Miniature Schnauzer are WHITE, Black, Black/Silver and Salt/Pepper. All AKC puppies are eligible for registration, but may not be shown in AKC sponsored shows unless they are Salt and Pepper, Black and Silver, or Black. Solid Blacks are entirely black with a black undercoat, except they may have a small white patch on the chest. The eye brows and cheeks are a white to cream color just like a salt and pepper but keep in mind that all liver peppers have 3 shades of chocolate on each piece of hair and so each liver pepper parti will vary slightly in color. Liver and tan male. This sweet little girl is fifteen ounces at six weeks old. Sometimes they can have snips of white on the chest, neck or toes. The black color in the topcoat of the black and silver miniature schnauzer is a true rich color with black undercoated belly and chest. Toy sized. As the black and silver matures, she will keep her solid black body and where she had copper colored accents on the face and feet, they will begin to lighten until they become a beautiful silver white. The beard and legs tend to be silver white and the dark hair may extend farther down the legs. They may welcome strangers with enthusiasm or be a bit … Coat and Colors. A dog with a true white coat (born with pink pads, lips and noses that later turn the base color) we will call a ?no color?, a dog with a … Only the salt/pepper, black/silver, and the black will be registered w/o photos. The newer colors of Miniature Schnauzers have become quite popular. Serious breeders breed to preserve the breed and promote correct breed type as it was intended by its originators. We don't breed "parti" colors and "toy" breeds. They are a cross breed and they shed! Phantom is a term used to delineate between extremely white markings on the face and furnishings versus very little white on the face and furnishings.