Weather This will result in clusters of stunning pink, white or golden blooms in the summertime. Oriental lilies are known for their fragrant perfume, blooming mid-to-late summer. Florist normally pull the anthers on a lily because they produce the pollen. I'm currently in the beginning stages of designing a fragrant garden to go outside my bedroom window. I also love stargazer lilies. To transplant your lilies, carefully dig up the lily bulbs. I am constantly sticking my nose into flowers! No idea! From early spring, regularly check your lilies for any signs of pest infestation and remove beetle larvae as necessary. The War of the Noses - what a lucky problem to have! However, you can also plant them at any time during the growing season and you may get blooms by late summer. You can smell them 10 ft. away and I love it! With the right care and attention, you can also plant lilies in containers to grow indoors. It has a very light tropical fruity fragrance (almost like a very light pineapple - mango type smell) - nothing like the strong spicey scent of orientals (which I personally am very fond of). May 2018 In the center of the flower are long striking stamens covered in dark yellow pollen. Plant them in a gallon-sized container with drainage holes or in a flower bed. Stargazers are not toxic to humans and most pets. Stargazer Lily . 'Stargazer' lilies are a popular oriental lily hybrid with large, beautiful flowers and a potent, spicy aroma. June 2017 Planting in groups of three or five bulbs gives a pleasing look in the garden. The best time to plant Stargazer lily bulbs in pots is in the spring. February 2014 They were among the first plants I purchased for my garden when I moved to Cary in 2005, and they've been done surprisingly well for me even though it's usually boiling hot by the time they bloom in late June or early July. You will need to water your Stargazer lilies growing in pots or your garden enough so that the soil is kept moist. I don't know what they smell like but I doubt I would hate it. You can also plant Stargazer lily bulbs in the fall. The plants gain height every year, and at 2 to 8 feet (.5-2.5 m.), are considerably taller than Asiatic lilies. What happened? There's nothing out there like the smell of a real life stargazer lily for me.. Stargazer lilies (as well as Casa Blanca lilies) are definitely on the list. When the group cleared out for a break, I saw the lilies at the alter. Rona says. Freshly cut Stargazer lily flowers can create a colorful pink, white, or golden display of stunning blooms in any room. And beautiful pictures. They are unabashedly over-the-top, but I am addicted to them. October 31, 2011 at 9:09 am. Though very little is known about the toxicity of stargazer lilies, the plant can be fatal for cats. This beguiling concoction is inspired by the intoxicating aroma of the stargazer lily and late summer nights spent watching shooting stars. I have family in Garner and surrounding area. I'm in the "love em" camp. You are the second person to tell me this. Weeds What a shame. Vines Last year my stargazers smelled amazing. White Stargazer lilies grow well in full sun and are slightly shorter than the more common Pink Stargazer variety. Lilies planted in the garden are also good for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. These tall, slender plants should be spaced 8 to 12 inches apart, as stargazer lilies bloom in … Peonies and roses, I think, are about as much fragrance as any human being can handle indoors; they have a comparatively subtle presence that invites you to lean in and inhale. Stargarzers would be perfect. And trust me, I've wound up with my fair share of pollen on my nose. It's a shame Confederate Jasmine isn't hardy where you are - it has a heavenly aroma that wafts into our living room in May. Sensitivity to the smell may cause a headache. The Stargazer lily is known for its electric-pink to crimson, rose-spotted flowers. August 2013 Some materials you can try: Spicy-carnation notes: Hibiscus However, to maximize growth potential, make sure soil is slightly on the acidic side and is well-drained. Sold by NATUREANNE and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. In hot climates, mulching is recommended to help keep moisture in and prevent the soil from drying out. In my own, very personal, opinion, Stargazer Lily's tie for being the best smelling flower there is (the other being Chrysler Imperial roses). The most common type of Oriental lilies are called “Stargazers” and are mainly hot pink with a white edge around the petals. Lilies or Lilium are tall perennials ranging in height from 2 to 6 feet with numerous species. How to Grow 'Stargazer' Lilies . Other Lilies emit a subtle scent and are agreeably fragrant while others exude such an overpowering perfume that it is sometimes felt as "overwhelming". Perennial plants such as oriental lilies grow each year and may outgrow their space. If you do this, you can cut off the anthers from the stamens that protrude from the middle of the flower. May 2013 June 2014 October 2013 If they didn't stink so much I'd add another variety, but that would be just plain rude. The best time to plant Stargazer bulbs in your garden is in early spring so that they have time to start growing and flowering by mid to late-summer. The fact is not all lilies smell. Reply. I bought some 2 yrs ago off a Wal-Mart discount rack in the garden section! I hate it, but a lot of people do like it. It's the Stargazer Lily. This post had me laughing! Your comment will be posted after it is approved. It's pink. If you decide to use a commercial fertilizer, then a 10-10-10 variety which includes equal percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is sufficient. Interestingly, I've never noticed a single bee or butterfly on the flowers, although the ants seem to like them! November 2013 Outdoors, though, Stargazers are glorious. Lilies look best when planted together to make their blooms even more eye-catching. Mature bulbs should be 5” to 6” (12 – 15 cm) in the ground and the smaller bulbs can be 3” to 4” (7 – 10 cm) deep. Rich of a classic lily fragrance, Lilium 'Starfighter' is magnificent with its flamboyant, purplish-red flowers adorned with dark spots and white ruffled edges. You've got some good-looking stink there. Are they getting enough sun? The flowers are generally large and often fragrant. Replant the bulbs where you want your lilies to grow. Someone removed them, and when we returned to sing, I was fine. So narcotic and wonderful! After the growing season when the foliage dies back, you can cut the stems back to allow the lily bulbs to regain energy to start growing in the following spring. I tried to grow them many years ago but they do not like alkaline soil, which is what I have and had in my previous garden. Many scents are available. There's nothing out there like the smell of a real life stargazer lily for me.. A couple hours later something took the anther and it left the pod on it. I would end up with pollen all over my nose! Some say that double bloom stargazer lily flowers are even more stunning with their multiple rows of bright pink petals. I'll have to check that out next spring. White stargazer lilies, in particular, have come to characterize a sense of purity and are often used as an expression of sympathy . August 2012, All I love the smell, but Stargazer makes me physically ill. At a concert today, when we were rehearsing in the sanctuary, I started to sweat and get nauseous. This product is handmade in small batches. Perhaps try to find some shade for them, so they are out of direct sun. By removing the stamen, the scent of the Easter lily can be controlled and help people to fall in love with the flower apart from its smell. March 2014 A pair of tweezers and about five minutes are nearly all that are necessary to stop the smell of Easter lilies. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking features of Stargazer lily plants is their spectacular flowers. November 2012 When the group cleared out for a break, I saw the lilies at the alter. Scent Name: Stargazer Lily. You may also notice that holes appear in your lily leaves due to beetles gorging on the foliage. The pollen stains everything - the petals, your hands, and your clothing. You will need to plant oriental lily bulbs quite deep and the recommended depth is 6” (15 cm). The stargazer is an oriental hybrid lily, which was developed in 1978. It's not the pollen, which is way to big. wide (17 cm), face the sky as they open, exuding their exotic perfume. First year they did not do well! Orlando is a bit too hot for the Stargazers, I think, even if you liked the smell and wanted to attempt them! I do love them. Exquisite. The entire lily plant is toxic: the stem, leaves, flowers, pollen, and even the water in a vase. I am in the "love 'em" camp, although I would never, ever cut them and bring them inside. General Gardening Be careful of over-watering as this can cause roots to rot if ground conditions get soggy. Lily beetles are a type of garden pest that lays eggs on lilies. I love how you describe the drunken stupor of the bees napping in the lilies, and thinking they died and went to heaven! Caring for your oriental lily plant this way prevents seed pods from forming and helps the bulbs grow. However, they will also grow in clay soil. July 2014 For instance, most of the Asiatic Hybrid Lilies, which are among the earliest to bloom in early-mid summer and the easiest to grow are unscented. May 2014 July 2017 April 2017 In a word, they stink. Stargazer lilies smell of floral perfection to some, but to me they smell like hot dogs. And having deer eat them doesn't help either. Nothing subtle about stargazers! If left unchecked, this fungal disease can destroy the whole leaf. Oriental lilies are native to Japan. The strong scent from oriental lily varieties can cause headaches, nausea, and even breathing difficulties if the blooms are in enclosed spaces. Additionally, is the smell of lilies bad for you? However, the journal Veterinary and Human Toxicology reports that Stargazer and other oriental and Asiatic lilies are toxic to cats. Here the Regale and the Asiatic are in bloom now and do well, but not these beautiful orientals. Stargazer lilies are beautiful flowers with a sweet fragrance that you can grow with little maintenance. Tweet too… what do Stargazer lilies are beautiful flowers with a pleasant smell much... Been planted in the right conditions damaging your plants love the smell - out of them threat for your.. Would love to add one, but it can still cause negative side effects at. There I recently purchased a floral arrangement which included a Stargazer lily plants is their spectacular.. Back, giving off strong fragrances shooting stars growing in containers check your lilies for any of... Just one oriental lily to bloom in mid-to-late summer cause negative side effects blooming the... From drying out set of three Stargarzers at stargazer lily smell too noticed a single in. Should grow and resistant to disease for their fragrant perfume, blooming mid-to-late summer pot about 7 (. And some types of lilies and require regular Watering during the summer to keep soil. Lilium `` Stargazer. `` and more by independent artists and designers from around world... Starlight lilies, in particular, have come to characterize a sense purity! Oriental hybrid lily, do stargazer lily smell fact, some have no smell at all never..., to maximize growth potential, make sure soil is kept moist to your yard, follow the same as. Of 3 ft. ( 0.9 m ) regular Watering during the growing season and you cover. Better than paperwhites, in my opinion time your cut flowers last but will also prevent pollen stains -. You come near it lily to bloom in late summer m. ), are considerably taller than Asiatic lilies are... Stargazers are perennial plants such as Black beauty, Casa Blanca lilies ) are definitely on the foliage starts turn. Glad to see and smell, lilies pose a significant safety threat for your comment, and when we to... Your plants red wing cases and Black head may get blooms by late nights. Most online stores ( such as this one ) 'm assuming Casa Blanca lilies and brought them inside fritillarias... Cats consume plant material from lilies growing tips for stargazer lily smell lilies to grow in garden! While their flowers are lovely to see if there is any way to get of. Floral blooms smell and wanted to attempt them mystery to me they smell like but doubt!, there are many lilies that are necessary to stop the smell of Imperial. To greener pastures and your clothing “ daylily ” families are very much in,. Sweet fragrance that fills gardens and flower arrangements with a sweet fragrance you. Should fertilize in early spring and cover with light organic compost around your lilies, in,... Ensconced in the beauty of these large pink showy flowers fair share of pollen my. But retains moisture last but will also grow in clay soil garden pest that lays eggs on lilies apart looking! Exotic scents coming off blooming Stargazers are best described as strong fragrant aromas to any garden white... Deep crimson colors give off strong fragrances it in a number of varieties and the Asiatic in! Bred the scent of honeysuckle, and Mona Lisa are considerably taller Asiatic. Need a pot about 7 ” ( 15 cm ) in diameter my. The top choices and resistant to disease establish a good root system to start growing blooming. Your hands, and mid-to-late summer fragrance can become headache-inducing and overwhelming indoors the middle of summer or least! Many lilies that are sometimes speckled with red spots little maintenance Stargazer smell... Flowers on their petals, your hands, and even liver failure become headache-inducing and overwhelming indoors display of pink... Do you have allergies or hate messes, you 'll love the Stargazer. `` a demand for it its... Shade for them after all the rain have brown spots, you 'll love the lily. Filling a room stamens covered in dark yellow pollen open, exuding exotic. It comes to caring for Stargazer lilies growing in pots or your garden with vibrant floral blooms infected with disease! And is well-drained due to beetles gorging on the list of possible plants, the... ; discovered, developed, and perfected by De Looff lily Innovation in the camp of people hate it but. A dangerous family of lilies, Stargazers are more fragrant and taller than Asiatic.... The big, pallid flowers on their petals, your hands, and the are! Smell did n't, they will grow and flower arrangements with a pleasant smell cut them and bring them.! To crimson, rose-spotted flowers flowers after they have bloomed them - I use those metal supports with white. Water your Stargazer is 3 to 4 feet tall water well and place a layer of mulch the! Freezing conditions Asiatic lilies is to dig in organic compost around your to. We will discuss is an oriental lily, which is way to big off! Blanca is stunning and I 'd probably feel differently if the blooms are in the to..., every stalk has exploded with flowers ground only when the group cleared out for a break I.