Kāore he kai maoa o runga i tēnei waka, i a Tākitimu, nā te tapu. While this meaning of tapu is something set apart as sacred, noa means a safe and unrestricted state—but still with the ‘intrinsic tapu’ intact. Mauri. explored using explanations and examples of tapu and noa and a model of how objects of tapu interact and interface with each other as proposed by Shirres (1982, 1996). Therefore you do not mix noa and tapu items. It protected people and natural resources. element 2 Tapu and Noa . The following are some basic practical guidelines to become familiar with; Do not pass food over a person’s head … Tikanga Pōhiri A Pōhiri/Pōwhiri is a ritualised encounter between two groups of people, the tangata whenua (people of the land/local hosts) and manuhiri/manuwhiri (birds from afar/guests) at a marae (meeting house) of the tangata whenua. Tapu and Noa . Whakanoa is the process of returning something to its normal state by removing the ‘extensions of tapu’. Almost every activity, ceremonial or otherwise, was connected to the maintenance and enhancement of mana and tapu. o Whakanoa is the process from goin g from tapu to noa. Tapu Māori life was also restricted through the placing of tapu on people and things. This paper discusses three concepts, mana, tapu and noa, that lie at the heart of Maori culture. Describe tapu and noa in relation to the way Māori interact with the natural world. The concepts of sacredness, restriction and disciplines fall under the term tapu. A healthy person is in a state of tapu, a sick person is in a state of noa. Noa in the negative sense is a diminished state of tapu. o It is the complimentary o pposite of tapu. Outcome 1 Something that is noa is free from being tapu and can remove tapu. Tapu relates to the four dimensions of wellbeing and an individual’s dignity and sacredness. This is one of the most formal occasions in the Māori world, so women and men are expected to dress… Taonga – treasure, something of great value such as a social asset, resource or object. GNZMMSS 28 and 31 show that the primary tension, the primary clash, is between tapu and tapu, not between tapu and noa. Noa is clearly in opposition to the extensions of tapu, but there is no case in GNZMMSS 28 and 31 of noa being in direct opposition to any intrinsic tapu. For example, mountains that were important to particular tribal groups were often tapu, and the activities that took place on these mountains were restricted. Tapu and noa are key concepts that underpin many practices. Outcomes and performance criteria. Tapu was used as a way to control how people behaved towards each other and the environment, placing restrictions upon society to ensure that society flourished. Noa – common, unrestricted. performance criteria 1.1 Tapu and noa are described in relation to the way Māori interact with the natural world. This means that to understand the second aspect of tapu, we also need to understand noa. See tapu for an example. o It is the normal state. L ECTURE 30-31: T ANGI /B URIAL P RACTICES. For example, it is important to keep things that are tapu separate from things that are noa. Mauri is an energy which binds … The general discussion of these concepts has benefited from the insights given by various Māori communities that CIBR has collaborated with on the issue of biowaste management. 1.2 Two local examples of tapu and noa are identified and described in relation to the way Māori interact with the natural world. 4 Specific examples that illustrate how tapu, noa, mana atua, mana whenua, and mana tūpuna influence the way Māori interact with the natural world may include – the process of selecting and removing a tōtara log for the building of a waka taua, the process of fishing or the collection of shellfish. Noa. On the contrary, noa and intrinsic tapu go together. Tapu controlled how people behaved towards each other and the environment. Tangihanga – Maori Funeral From the moment a person dies t he body will never leF alone as it is s ll in a tapu state an d the spirit may .
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