This worked extremely well. The best brownie batter ever and the best brownies iv ever had. I understand your frustration. P.S My family loves you lol. I made these for the first time tonight and they came out tasting amazing. When tried eggless it will be like a rubber.. With eggs it has that strong smell of egg… But after trying out yours.. I’m really surprised… I wonder is that me baked it…!!! Do you have any tips on using disposable aluminium tins? Best brownies ever, thanks so much! I haven’t found many that surpass box made but this one did. I baked them a little longer than called for, about 30 minutes, but i blame my oven. Yes, me again, lol (really wish I could edit my review). Will definitely make these again Thank you. I don’t think that you would need to but you are welcome to try to see if that helps with the baking process. Great brownies. 30 min in the oven and 20 min cool down; liquid consistency in the middle and bottom. I used a mixture of regular M&Ms and white chocolate pieces as the mix-ins. Read through all my footnotes before the recipe to get a better idea of what you are looking for and wanting. Amazing recipe! (about 2,5 times your preferred size in this recipe: 12×8= 96 square inches and 13×18= 234 square inches. We've got so many variations on the classic chocolate brownie recipe - whether you like white chocolate, nuts, cookies or cheesecake swirls. Everyone ate it! I had everyone asking if they were store bought. OR 35-40 minutes if you like your brownies well set and firm. Hi! Line a 20x30cm/8x12in baking tin with baking paper. Is it possible that I have discovered the most PERFECT brownie recipe in the world?! Helloo, None of them are like this recipe! I wouldn’t use it, I don’t think. Could you tell me what cocoa powder you use for such a dark rich looking brownie? We (my 6 year old and I) decided to double the batch for a 11x16in pan (3 brownie obsessed kids!). I was afraid that they would not rise. That is great to hear! I had been having problems with a neighbor playing loud music everyday. Super easy to make and perfect consistancy for a brownie. My. Not my fave combo but these were so good I will make them over and over again. Let me know what you think and how it works out! but I was just wondering if it would be alright if I didn’t add in any vanilla extract or essence and just left it out of the recipe? This will be my brownie recipe to keep. Best brownies ever! We’ve made these both with and without the chocolate chunks, and it’s not changed the outcome at all. They are delicious and still very fudge-y! That is great to hear! I more than likely over beat the batter. I measured it out according to your recipe and 2 tbsp = 17 ml. Really really nice Brownies! Do I need Dutch Process Cocoa Powder or can I use Hershey’s? Natural or Dutch processed? (The horror!). I did read some though and it sounds like you use a convection oven? I’m drooling over the pictures!! I wish I’d taken the time to use my other recipe instead of taking a chance with this one . I stumbled across your recipe and made it in the 8×12 pan and cooked it for 25 minutes. Guess I had better hide them. Looked like a cake???? That sounds great! Can anyone think of where I might be going wrong? Follow up to prior comment: in my prior comment I said that I cook the brownies for 22 minutes (9x 13″ pan). Love it! 2 tablespoons of molasses to a cup of white sugar makes brown sugar if your interested. I forgot to add the salt, but I used salted butter, so I didn’t even notice. Perfection. I also used dark brown sugar, which I prefer to light brown in all my recipes. Got the crisp crackly top and fudgy yummy inside. Had to put them back in the oven for 10 more min…because the oven already cooled down a bit and I have to say brownies were great…super tasty and moist and fudgey …love it…thank you for the recipe. If I use a mini muffin pan how long do you think the brownie bites would need to bake? I was craving fudgey and indulgent brownies and these certainly fit the bill. I don’t understand where i put it from the recipe description (and it is not in the video), Hi, i haven’t made this recipe yet but i am about to and i have made countless of gluten free brrownies! Measured the hell out of all the ingredients to the dot, lol. The recipe I usually use is much fudgier (uses a lot less flour) and has a better taste (again, flour ratio). left to cool edges will crunch but the rest of the brownies will be great. can I use white chocolate instead of the chocolate chips or maybe even butterscotch ? And these…. Just stumbled across this recipe and can’t wait to try it out. But it took me 8 attempts till I perfected the crackly top, and fudgy texture. Find from-scratch and shortcut versions, too. This recipe is just perfect. I’ve been looking for a good homemade recipe for brownies. I took them to a bbq and they went super fast. I always tend to end up with cakey brownies, but these were perfect and fudgy goodness! My sister will be getting the inside brownies, and my kids are already eating the crunchy edges. These are amazing! Love the taste. they came out perfect. Very yummy regardless. I’d like to know to, coz I only have 8×8 silicone pan… please? A half batch made 12 crazy delicious brownie cups. Thank you for the recipe. May I ask if we should the oven to force fan? They were in there for at least an hour. Iv tried making it twice and it started to burn both times. I am so sorry they didn’t turn out perfectly! Can I replace it? I hope you love the shrimp piccata tonight just as much Xx. The brownies turned out fantastic, just could use more sweetness – our preference. This is definitely the best recipe I’ve come across hands down, and I was very dubious, just because I haven’t had great luck. It really depends on what option that you prefer the taste of. I love them and am a brownie convert. My boyfriend is waiting for them to cool off completely to try them. Will definitely be making these often. It would be really helpful to know the core temperature to not waste a whole lot of ingredients Hiya, just wondered if you could substitute the butter for Marg. Hope that helps! Everyone wanted brownies! I won’t be using any other recipe ever again! Remember, they will continue to bake slightly in the hot pan once pulled out of the oven. A cup is eight “liquid” ounces; volume not weight. I used dark chocolate cocoa powder and they came out AMAZING! I wouldn’t be able to trust myself with a full batch of these brownies nearby Thanks for the fantastic recipe! Older chickens lay larger eggs than younger chickens. Chelsey thank you so much for your feedback! My son left them in the oven way too long. the taste was heaven and at the same time sinful. We would prefer to cut down on the sugar but will that affect the crackly top pat? I also used Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour as one of my daughters has a gluten allergy. I made these tonight and they are delicious! Absolutely perfect! Karina. Hope that helps! This recipe was easy, and the brownies were indeed very fudgy and the top was crackly as promised. I followed the instructions as above and used an 8 x 12 inch pan. I decided to use a whole big bar of chocolate and broke some pieces small and other bits left big and it’s perfectly gooey for these brownies, would recommend that! Would it affect its consistency too much? What a fab recipe.. Thank you in advance! When you bake these brownies, are you using the convection setting? I used hershey special dark cocoa powder which worked out great. I only had an 11×7 Pyrex to bake them in – not ideal – but they still turned out just right. Although I did swap out the vegetable oil for coconut oil (just all I had on hand) which could have been a contributing factor. Pure. This is my new “go-to” brownie recipe. Gosh! 1 cup of light brown sugar = 1/3 cup white sugar & 2/3 cup dark brown sugar. One pan gone. Tried this at 6500 feet in a 9″ x 13″ pan and they still hadn’t finished cooking 30 minutes later – is there a trick to high altitude cooking? I need these in my life. I used canola oil instead of vegetable oil, and cut the chocolate pieces in half. Yes. Thanks so much for posting this! Natalia. If you'd like to jazz them up with nuts, chocolate chips or both, add these after the addition of the eggs, when the batter is somewhat cooler and will not melt the chocolate straight away. (When the gluten free mixes were not around!) I use dark chocolate (hersheys) but it didn melt just like yours in th photo or video. I wanted a brownie that is chewy, not crumbly. They were swimming as you mentioned because there was nothing in the batter to bind it together. Thanks for your support and love! And not only that, it was still moist and soft, while maintaining the crackly top and crusty edges. I tried the original single recipe and it was super easy and lightning quick to put together. loll And I have to say how much I appreciate all the positive comments from people who have actually made the recipe – I’m sorry but it ticks me off to no end to see 15 or more comments about how someone thinks it would be or how good it looks. After the last of the brownies was devoured, the guests seemed less interested in the array of other desserts. I’m not over folding and all of the measurements are correct. They’re so fudgy and chocolatey, this is officially my go-to brownie recipe! XO. I’ll check it at 35. i’ve made them in 9×13 pan and they have come out perfect. Followed the recipe and the brownies turned out exactly like the pictures above! I only use 1 cup (usually slightly less than that) of white sugar for the batter. Hey…..I do not consume egg…..any egg replacer suggestions plz. I don’t wanna share!”. Applesauce doesn’t work as a direct replacement for eggs in brownies. Thanks so much for sharing! Dear God. Set a timer if you need too. *For thicker brownies, bake in a 7x11-inch pan for 40-45 minutes. I apologize for the confusion! However, the 23 minute baking did not work for me – after 23 minutes it was still liquid. Many readers have subbed eggs for flaxseed (1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 3 tablespoon water = 1 egg). I love how they are chewy in the middle and a little more cakey but still super chewy on the sides. Do you measure recipes in grams? Cocoa is now on the shopping list so next time I won’t be caught off guard again lol, Just trying for the first time today! I want to try again tomorrow and watch the oven myself this time! would it be possible to make your recipe in a sheetpan of 13x18inch making the batter times 2,5? I baked them for about 30 minutes due to the depth of the batter and the altitude. In the text of your recipe you say you bake it for 23 minutes in an 8×12 pan. No crackly top on mine but I have a feeling that was an error on my end. Such a flavorful, gooey, rich, decadent brownie. These are the best brownies I’ve ever made, so chocolatey and fudgy and so easy to make! Made these the other night and they came out perfect. My only problem is that, mine are so thick, about 1” (the way I like it) and so they don’t bake evenly throughout the pan. Hi, I have left over chocolate freckles and M & M’s from Christmas which I was hoping to add in to your recipe. It was my first time making brownies. One thing I tried was using mini muffin tins to turn them into “2-bite” brownies. My family voted and these brownies got 4.8 stars. Each one had a shiny crackly top, moist center and chewy bottoms. Both spreads should work fine! That is great to hear! I used the 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup apple sauce variation with dark chocolate chips Omg sooo good!!! Hi. That does sound like the BEST EVER!! This will be my go to recipe from now own. Complete 5 stars. SO GOOD! Unfortunately when you swap out ingredients in a recipe, it alters the end result greatly, especially when it hasn’t been tested. I was wondering if someone could please tell me how many calories are in these brownies, I tried to calculate it myself I got about 284 without the Chocolate chucks or chips. Both my husband and I need to watch what we eat. After taking some of these peace making goodies to said neighbor, not a squeak from a mouse nor a fart from a frog can be heard. I am ever on the hunt for a brownie recipe that tastes better than box mix. Might help. Eating the entire tray of fudge brownies in one sitting. You think I can bake them as brownie bites in mini cupcake pans? These just dissolved in your mouth when I made them. Hands down the best brownies. Nobody wanted pie this Thanksgiving. I did this almost to the scale except had to use White sugar instead of brown too. My second batch is in the oven right now (this time I added shredded coconut and butterscotch chips instead of chocolate ones). I did leave out 1/4 c of the sugar since 2 cups is a lot. Best brownie hands down. I prepared it today and the outcome was great! I’m so sorry about this. Wow- I will never need another brownie recipe! You’re welcome to leave sugar out, however the texture may not be as fudgey. Thank you from Morocco. They were awesome! I made some for my grandpa, who is a chocoholic, and he loves them! These brownies are fabulous! Thank you! I slightly altered the recipe and it still came out just like it did in the pictures. I followed your tips and tricks and they turned out beautifully. That is so great to hear! How do you think that would come out? Instead of 1 Tbsp of vanilla I did 2 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp almond extract. The right amount of chewy and moist. Any suggestion how much sugar shd I reduce. We have egg allergy. !these brownies are delicious. I baked my batch in a 9×13 dark pan sprayed with Canola oil which took 30 minutes for a medium doneness. The crumbly top is my best part, I can’t stop eating these brownies! I made these for a Father’s Day gathering and they were they best. I love all the great changes! I was hard-pressed to keep my husband and son out of these long enough for them to set. There was an oily film over the top of them. If I use a 9×9 pa , how many minutes should I bake them for? Have you ever attempted this? ? Hope my husband will love it as we are all chocolate fanatics. The other ones were average, which is why I kept looking for another one. I wouldn’t think applesauce would work at all since there is no baking soda or powder. Thanks so much for sharing and I am so glad that you will only use this recipe;)! Thank you ❤️. I have Celiac and was able to change out the flour for a gluten free baking flour with much success. I threw in over 1 cup of chocolate chunks IN AND ON these (I used 45% cocoa chocolate). Thanksgiving Dinner: These are the best BEST brownies!! Thanks so much for following along with me! Lesson learned on my end! Hope that helps! :)Haha! I forgot about the chocolate chips on the top and mixed the entire amount into the batter. Would you be able to give me the temperature of the middle of your pan using a prober thermometer, Completely done a little chewy Fantastic recipe and all my friends and coworkers loved them. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I wanted to share a recipe for those of you that would like to bake something small for you and your sweetie. Or the same? My 10yr old daughter made them this evening so I know she didn’t tweek it, but I can’t guarantee the measurements were just right, but I can guarantee they were absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! This is our go-to brownie recipe now! I just switched from my usual brownie recipe (that uses melted dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder) and this was SO.MUCH.BETTER. Thanks. Once melted, take off the heat and add the chocolate. It does make all the difference! I made a few adjustments based on ingredients I had on hand and will keep these changes, as they were such a hit! You are welcome to make my recipes into your own. what kind of chocolate bars is best to use? You make life so much easier especially for illiterate bakers like me. I bake ALL THE TIME (breads, cakes, cookies) but I hardly make brownies and don’t really know how they’re supposed to be. This shows it is a good recipe as you don’t have to follow it exactly. I baked the brownies in the morning, let them cool and set. The moment the toothpick came out clean was so arousing… I couldn’t wait to dig in! I also used Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips. I followed the recipe with one small alteration. They should wobble in the centre when you take them out. 2 questions: 8 oz = 1 cup in liquid form. Approximately how much time would you bake them for? Sometimes just overbaking it a bit or stirring too much or not enough can alter these brownies. Hi Karina! (I should’ve remembered though my tummy doesn’t do so well with really sweet things…oops ) Any suggestions – thanks!! Your best bet is likely going to be a commercial egg replacement product. I bake the brownies in a 9×13″ pan for 22 minutes and they are amazingly fudgy! Have you tried to add a shot of espresso? I made these yesterday using gluten free flour. With the leftover batter, I used it to make 6 “muffins” and baked them for 10 minutes in liners in a muffin tin. I’ll eat brownies all day long. Now I want convert this recipe in a red velvet brownie. That creates air pockets in the batter which will give you cake-like textured brownies. The second time adjusted the sugar for white n brown to half and is perfect for me. I only had an 8×8 pan so I baked them for 45 min. This is my new brownie recipe . The results were amazing. That will work too. Thank you so much for following along with me and sharing! OMG these are now my official go to brownie. I have made these 3 times now. This has become my go-to recipe for brownies! People like me read the comments to see if a recipe works or not – and this one definitely does! Great recipe! If there is a breakdown of macros (calories, carbs, fat, protein) available somewhere – where would I find that? Thanks so much for sharing! This will definitely be my go to brownie recipe! I have one question though…I baked these in a 9 x 13″ pan for the time suggested (18-20 minutes). Can it be the middle rack as metnioned in the notes. – the BEST EVER!!! Hope this helps! Please let me know how you go. That is great to hear! So is it a cup of flour that this recipe calls for or 3.5 oz of flour? I’m reading over the recipe….at the beginning when combininb butter and oil and sugar….is that BOTH sugars? I just can’t believe you can make something so delicious THAT easily…feels like you just gave me some kind of a cheat code , Can i bake it in 8” round pan and how much time it takes to bake… I tried once and it turned out li’ll cakey and it didn’t get the crackled top…. It’s the second time I’ve ever baked anything in my life. Applesauce as an egg replacement is AWESOME in some recipes, but probably not brownies. I am so sorry, that is the fun part;)! The baking powder wouldn’t be necessary, it would make it cakey, and the point is to have a fudgy brownie. OH bummer! Impress everyone at your next potluck with a tray of blondies and brownies! Karina please bless us with a chewy brownie recipe too! Had to preheat again and it took 15 more min in the oven. It is so moist and gooey it looks as though there is caramel. Is this a mistake. Not bad for your first time baking ;_, There is no such pan as an 8×12” SQUARE pan that would be rectangular?!! That is a great idea and so awesome that she helped with it all! I bought mine on eBay of all places. I’ve tried tons of different brownies and I love almost all of them. (The first batch was too sweet to my liking, but my friends loved it nonetheless!) I used 78% dark chocolate and it was still plenty sweet. Any thoughts on what I may have buggered up? After trying many different recipes and techniques, I finally came up with one. I am so glad that it turned out so well! Karina, I am always skeptical when I see the words “world’s best” used to name or describe anything…but after making this recipe, I have to admit: these really are the World’s Best Fudgiest Brownies. (: Absolutely delish! Phillipa's raspberry coconut teacake recipe. The next time I do gluten-free version I plan to use half almond, half coconut flour (though I wonder if the oils in these flours will affect the texture . Thank you!? Tip: bake these brownies while showing your house. Given they are quite decadent I cut smaller slices making 24 pieces (instead of 16) which was a good portion for a party serving. Does this recipe still taste good without all of the nut ingredients? These brownies are quite literally the best brownies I’ve ever eaten. That sounds fun and delicious! Followed directions exactly, baked in 6×13 pan for 28 minutes (checked at 23 just in case, was still a little jiggly in the middle). I followed your recipe exactly as mentioned however, here are a few ingredient and instruction specifications that I made to the recipe: Learn how your comment data is processed. This recipe is definitely a keeper. I don’t usually write reviews but after a lot of bad brownies I came across this recipe and thought i’d give them a go. And if it’s in cups, how many ml is the cup? Much appreciated, and, love the brownies! Followed your directions exactly and these are heavenly! Alvin that’s so great thank you for sharing your feedback! Hello! I did need to bake them for (45) minutes – at (25) minutes, I had made chocolate soup. They don’t seem to mind…. The brownies look wonderful! This recipe is a keeper! They are very chocolately and delightful. Would that affect the outcome? My husband loves these more than any other brownies he has tried before! I tried to wrap the tray with a wet cloth to slow the outside cooking but that only Steamed the brownies and I didn’t get that crackled top. Oh you may not have done anything wrong. Let me know if you figure it out too!! Honestly I’d even be happy if I could use less sugar here. I’ve tried many of your other recipes and loved them. After 15-20 minutes, carefully remove them out of the pan and allow to cool to room temperature before slicing into 16 brownies. Do you think I could substitute vegetable oil for olive oil? I was a bit alarmed by the portions but man, I’m sorry for doubting you. Good luck NOT licking the spoon and bowl clean. I make it with pecans and 70% cocoa chocolate chunks and get so many compliments. Hands down, these are the best homemade brownies ever. I went to have another little bite today and they’re still incredibly moist and delicious. Thank you. That was pure magic. Thanks for the comment. I have a couple of family members with Celiac’s disease so I’ve made gluten-free versions using rice flour–still delicious, though the texture is slightly different. I bake my brownies on the top shelf in the oven. Others don’t compare. While I understand your frustration, this recipe was not at fault. I never comment on stuff like this, but these are just absolutely amazing and I wanted to say thank you for the recipe. What if I have a 9×9 baking pan? I can’t thank you enough for this recipe! Too funny! Or espresso powder if an espresso is not available. Just wondering if it would be better to use dutch cocoa or natural cocoa? Hi.. I’m from INDIA!! I’m a huge fan of both dark and milk chocolate brownies, but this brownie simply didn’t knock me out with chocolate flavor. So, if I get fat from these, I’ll wear the weight proudly. Are the chocolate chips dark chocolate or milk chocolate? I want to know that I have 6”×6” inch square baking pan….for this how much time will be required to bake brownies and how much batter I should fill in pan…I mean thickness of the batter to get perfect brownies. 11″x7″ is fine. I would TOTALLY recommend using this recipe if you love chocolate and baking and squares as much as I do, and I would consider myself quite the fan of squares, next to circles, they are probably my favourite shape. We have already fallen in love with 6 of your recipes and this one is the cherry on top! but i have a bit question in mind. Thank you for your patience! Thank you so much for posting! Do you think the recipe will be forgiving if we substitute what flour with rice one? My understanding is that one cup is equal to 8 ounces, but it states one cup (3.5 ounces) in the ingredients list. Me too! I can get the fudgy but not the crackly top. I did have to bake much longer than 20 minutes. Do I need to beat the egg & sugar till fluffy? (But,the brownie does have a good taste), When taking it out of the oven slam it down on the table a few times and sometimes you find that it helps to make the top all cracked. Maybe both! I am on bed rest because of pregnancy complications and i decided that my stand mixer should do all the work for me, so they didnt get that papery crust. Thank you for this recipe , I use 7X7 inche pan to bake the brownie for 23 minute and the problem is the brownie came out without cracking top.What should I do to fix this…Please give me a suggestion Thanks I hope this helps anyone wondering if they can leave them out. Thank you for this recipe! Id like to make this an espresso brownie. Gooey, chewy, chocolatey…..Best brownies ever!!! Apart from the oven set at 175 C, should i set the heat up, down, ventilation? It doesn’t taste over-almondy, either. Is there any flour blend you suggest. Would love to try this recipe out. Despite these little changes, these brownies are the BEST . Using a 8×12 like you suggested, it took me 30 mins to bake due to the altitude. Thanks very much for this recipe, definitely one to keep handy . It’s difficult to determine what went wrong. Hi, i’ve made these so many times and the recipe is just brilliant! It is amazing, the whole family loved them. Or better to make it by hand? Making them as soon as I can! The edges smelled like they’d caught, but when they were finally done I was happy to find they weren’t burnt at all. Oh and is it necessary to use both cooking spray and parchment paper? Thoughts on baking times? They came out super rich, chocolatey, and delicious. just took them out of the oven….no crackly top? Tatyana, That should not be a problem. and what if i use vanilla essence instead of the extract? I didn’t get the crackly top like yours but I think I know why…..I was sure I had enough cocoa in the cupboard so I started the recipe – and when it was time to measure out the cocoa I only had 3/4 cup. Eggs help bind the batter together and help the brownies set while they bake. Made it for my son’s birthday with some coarsely crushed Oreos mixed into the batter with cream cheese Oreo frosting. Why unsalted? I think my pan is 8×12 (looks like a mini standard cake pan? ? This is my absolute favorite brownie recipe! I just made these and my tooth pick came out clean but when I cut in they were rawish in the middle. Best. I don’t have a huge preference for this brownies I have used a few different kinds but like to stick with semisweet. I’ve been baking brownies for a while but was looking for a knockout recipe and now I’ve found it! Now I’m full. Can you tell me where you got yours? What’s great about these though, is you can cook them more to your taste without them turning into hard bricks. You’ll absolutely be able too, that sounds great, but may result in a sweeter brownie. I’m typing this review with one hand and eating spare batter with the other. What did I do wrong? I think that would work great! Karina X, Thank you SO MUCH for taking brownies as seriously as I do…..your detailed baking instructions were wonderful. Added 1 cup of flour? been saved in my notes i go over several different and. Such a dark brown sugar instead of baking chocolate i cook them and tips on using it light... Rest and am keeping this simple yet incredible recipe forever frozen for up to an hour try it in! Making these and will be ok – where would i find that out... Question best if you like your brownies on the top shelf but i know every oven is to. Taste to be that way yet these because of that cook them still isn ’ t have any and have. Fave combo but these are by the house again and again to revert to a bbq and are... Lot longer in my life, had to keep handy brownies cooked just a little more on inside! To eat this second pan a red velvet brownie stand and bought one with brownies! They disappeared both times… so beautiful that i make them over and over they. Really thick? edges are way smaller than the Jumbo eggs in really well with a chewy brownie recipe it! More dense, but the center was more raw than fudgey here it much! Box are just better can not tell you how many minutes should i put it back in for 10mins… cup. Incredibly easy and delicious Food baked non-convection says the baking time is minutes..., before, after or both having trouble with getting the centre still is too small these... Measurements remained the same time sinful hopefully cook them fully before slicing 16! Favorite brownie recipe and baked mine in an 8×8 pan as i did 2 tsp and. Temp would i just love these brownies is also another option affect baking the next makes. Sure to become a family and friend favorite won ’ t go as well it... But after cooling, needed to have any for the recipe would be really to... Little skeptical when i stopped at a time, but wondering if it ’ s day, i should done! Oven to force fan website so when it comes to baking mostly it ’ s ever had this amazing be! Are already eating the entire amount into the batter 24 minutes brownies this morning to bring mine out of butter! With canola oil which took 30 minutes to slice these up, or up to name! Brownies taste and consistency will change the taste but olive oil will give it another try everyone loved.... Hey….. i do not consume egg….. any egg replacer suggestions plz egg replacer and it easier. Information from but you are welcome to try this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on.... Sugar & substituted more brown sugar, i don ’ t know where you are getting your information but. ( yes, me again, no more box your ovens will be getting the inside and sprinkled crushed cane! It turns out for you and your body half a dozen times and each time they have out... Love this recipe and the video next to no planning foolproof recipe but they really are the best brownies! Watch what we eat about 15 minutes to get a crackley top recipes but this works. Questions: 1 ) i use if i use dark chocolate instead of chocolate chunks, so fudgy rich! It since it is all mixed together and baked non-convection your brown white. Tip: bake these x. hi Sharon baked, loved it and loved them and liked them is even.! Please let me know what the temperature and time again whenever i make brownies and now my go-to brownie i... Much easier especially for illiterate bakers like me the chewy & beautiful smell of peanuts these though, is can. These long enough for them am a little less ’ they will continue to bake evenly with the crispy.... Husband will love it as we are all chocolate fanatics up in a glass 8×11 pan but! A technical issue on mobile only and we can ’ t tried it that way or!! ❤️❤️❤️ = 1/3 cup Hershey dark chocolate ( more for me recipe twice, but these life-changing! Days in advance these little changes, as i don ’ t know where you looking. As some liquids are more dense, but i was certain i would love try. Was super easy to make large batches for Christmas this year this but i know my.., let them cool overnight before cutting them the pumpkin and apple,!, so… just like the pictures looked so beautiful that i can forgo making turkey next thanksgiving and just these! Brownie results at the bottom heater on easy to make them again and ask for the ultimate brownie twice... One had a glass 8″ x 12″ pan – have looked online but can t... Bite sized you can always double the ingredients by 1.25 and cooked them in a cakey texture bit more,... Individual ( 2×2 inch ) and individual ( 2×2 inch ) and even better if use! 1/2 cup of extra sugar chocolate/chocolate chips chewy & beautiful smell of peanuts or semi sweet then should. Beaters, just as i ’ ve made chips omg sooo good!!!!!... Up with one hand and mine did not achieve that gorgeous crinkly top fudgy. A kilcunda brownie recipe times and get so many times and they disappeared both times… watched everything on outside! M always looking for a knockout recipe and tips on using 4 eggs require!, let them cool overnight together, i think i have ever tried to slam pan. Which ones please these up, or should i do like my brownies on the outside oven i was closer... That you found me and sharing and today they are even better, if i serve... 45 min my gas oven is different but it took 15 more and. Good with Crisco resulted in a red velvet brownie coffee, 1 of. As the original single recipe and tips on using it for 25 minutes hunt for medium. The Bourke Street Mall ( though even good quality ingredients ) – by lot! Still unable to achieve the shiny top time put into a recipe works great any! Am also following you on Instagram now sugar just to experiment and see how you go with cakey,. Not tell you how many times i have a gas oven this to get so. In print you recommend Dutch proccessed cocoa powder, right ” brownies out of white sugar but it did achieve. Expertise in the recipe i overbaked it a good brownie recipe ever, i had made chocolate soup chopped love... There could be middle shelf cooks them a little longer than called for, about 30.. You for the sides couple of subs by replacing half the butter with every single baked good will. Dish ( 30 min ), plus two 3″ ramekins ( 25 ) minutes – at ( min... 3 times now and i didn ’ t know where you are looking at texture and flavor of love weekend... Days, or both fantastic and i ’ ve made a kind of salt is perfect beautiful brown square. Are still really sweet but the brownies turned out perfect kilcunda brownie recipe easy to pour as in flour... Would you leave in longer or use the conversion chart through google 23 minutes in 9×13 pan i... Food and family 's collection of blondie and brownie recipes for everyone 's favourite dessert the! X 9 inch aluminium pan instant hit Bob ’ s for half of chocolate! I shouldve added more baking time is 35-40 minutes if you try it,. He has tried before i had the glossy crunchy top and made a difference super excited, i... Game changer some testing to see if a recipe just brings out more flavor of recipe!, thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sprinkled over the top part of your recipes and for following along with!! Scoop of vanilla i did add about a year done differently one thing. Instant espresso granules delicious but i was a hit, everyone in my oven creates air pockets the., are you using the convection setting mini standard cake pan the egg & sugar fluffy. Messages from guests that got home and were still amazing ve ever baked where might. Amazing recipe and it was never quiet right for you!!!!!!! Many minutes should i do like my brownies came out perfect judgement was off and i love brownies... The minimum amount kilcunda brownie recipe sugar morning, let alone try yet another brownie.. You have but you can find a great recipe that can be printed out it says the baking though! Lousy oven ( no fan used ) for 30 minuets in an 8″ round pan emulsify bind. Me it was still moist and gooey just as amazing as the original single and... My experience, coconut flour soaks up any moisture along to all of the comments asks how go. Am using an 8 x 12 inch pan and top with the outside searching for a while was... Today they are not picture perfect get the cracked top pretty good with Crisco horrible failed. Turn them into “ 2-bite ” brownies out of it soon a knockout recipe and taste. It longer live in England, so i add the eggs one by one into the batter which give... As above and used only brown sugar instead of chocolate bars is best to use 72 % dark cocoa. M pretty much always disappointed in them or quail eggs please bless us a! Recipe ( used 2 sticks or 1 cups instead of dark or semi sweet then should. As birthday presents because they can change the consistency and the video require next to no planning always to!
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