Our project's aim is to promote all kinds of products, services and activities related to childhood. We will produce a children's guide, "yellow pages" specialized in children products and services. This guide will be a reference for families, parents and every person related to children, regrouping a lot of information to prepare a birth, organize it and raise a child.

The network’s main objectives are as follows:
- Offer a huge database with information concerning all the products, the services and the activities related to childhood. And promote these products, services and activities.
- Help parents organize their children’s life and events for them (such as, Baptisms, birthdays, and so on)

We can hardly find in Lebanon guides and references with practical information related to children. In 2003 a book was edited: « Loisirs en famille au Liban (Quoi voir, quoi faire, ou le trouver) » with a lot of interesting information for family activities in Lebanon. In this book we can find a lot of practical information and at the same time a lot of historical and social information concerning Lebanon. This summer 2009, “Time Out” Beirut edited a special edition “Time Out, KIDS”, the parents’ intelligent guide to culture and entertainment.  
Some exhibitions were planned for babies: « Baby World 2007 » was organized from the 25th of April to the 29th of April 2007 at the Biel by the IFP. It was an interesting exhibition but with many absents.  « CityKids, the baby and family exhibition » is an exhibition planned in March 2008 at the “Forum de Beyrouth” by SPM Fairs.

Beside these projects we cannot say that parents have interesting tools to plan a birth and organize a family life in Lebanon.