Working for NGO's

We do the organizing and you enjoy donations!

NEOS works with charities of all kinds, helping them mobilize and manage their resources.

In Lebanon there are thousands of non-profit organizations and many of them are competing for donations. They are under increasing pressure to raise funds. With the number of people giving to charity in decline, more than ever they need to ensure that their funds are managed effectively and used appropriately.
In order to insure that your organization shares in this money, it needs a strategic fundraising plan.
We strive to understand each organization’s special needs to help them achieve their financial and social goals. Our mission is to help them raise the funds they need to continue with their activities. We understand that most organizations are run by volunteers that may not be experts in raising funds. We’re here to help!
So whatever the size and nature of an NGO, from the largest organization, to schools, associations…we are here to help!
You probably need professional planning assistance; we can help you design the plan you’ll need to collect your share of donations.

NEOS can also be considered as a leading Internet resource for charities and NGO’s in Lebanon and beyond. Because in general the voluntary sector in Lebanon is ignoring the potential of Internet.


Our Methods

Our methods in fundraising are aiming businesses as well as individuals.

We use different innovating and original fundraising methods.

After defining the need of our NGO’s partners we will establish a calendar of activities and events, in order to present him to our future individual and corporate partners.