Working for companies

Businesses of all sizes support charitable activity in many ways – from cash donations and sponsorship deals to supplying office equipment and facilities. In fact the number of company donating to charities trebled and the amount they gave grew a lot. Companies are also becoming increasingly keen to ensure that their investment of time and money are reaping the maximum benefit.

NEOS helps companies make the most of their charitable budgets to support good causes locally, nationally and internationally.
Choose to become a corporate and organizational partner with us!
We will offer you a variety of ways to give to charity and a guarantee that your help is well used.
Do not forget that the consumer today is aware and looks at social and environmental records of companies behind brand names.
Simply choose the option that suits you best, and NEOS will help your generosity go that much further and also we will make sure that you have the maximum exposure.
Some events can also be sponsored with products. Check out our calendar!

From another side you can suggest the creation of a special event in the name of your company to fundraise money for non-profit organizations. We will plan and execute this event for you.

We try also as much as we can to let the employees of the company who sponsors feel involved with us. We invite them at the event and invite them to participate in our action.