Working for individuals

NEOS works with individuals to ensure that their donations go further.

Most people give to charity, some give spontaneously in respond to a telethon or street collector, other plan their giving – setting up standing orders to make regular donations to their favorite charities.
Many more of us give to charities without even realizing it – We may buy a lottery ticket, sponsor a child in a school event or buy something from a charity shop. However you choose to give, you can be sure that your support is greatly appreciated.
In Lebanon people are fed up of paying dinners and movie sessions to the profit of associations. We can get more donations by being more creative and offer to donators the opportunity to follow up the cause they paid for.

Choose to be an individual partner with us! We will offer you a variety of ways to give to charity and a guarantee that your help is well used.
Simply choose the option that suits you best, and NEOS will help your generosity go that much further.
All individuals who contribute receive a personal thank you letter and their name will be acknowledged through our events. They will have also a report and an evaluation concerning the event they took part of.
Some individuals who give permission to be acknowledged publicly will be listed bellow in our site.

      • Give your money

If you can afford to offer financial support to help, it is always welcome.

      • Give your time

If you have time to offer contact us we will help you find the right place to be useful. We will suggest different possibilities of volunteer actions.

      • Give your talent

If you are an artist and you want to offer your voice, your paintings, your cooking skills … Everything will help!  Just tell us where you can give more and we will find out the way!

      • Give what you can

If you prefer to offer products or specific items you have, we will try to find the best place for them.